Sunday, May 04, 2008

May is for Manifesting

Natural time calendar creatrix Li Walter has some wise words about manifestation, which is free-flowing this spring:

"We too often think of manifestation as the end of a cycle, a destination, when more often than not, shortly after reaching the ceiling of one level, we pop through into the muck on the floor of the next level, wondering what happened to our great sense of having reached the heights. Rather than bemoaning our fate or thinking things should somehow be different, use this time to acknowledge and shed what's no longer working in your life. More is possible."

Bear Li's words in mind as we move into the mystical realms, which Patti Cota-Robles says are wide open for humanity's evolution now. But as always, it's up to us to invoke our own growth. Here's an excerpt from her latest transmission:

"Once again we are being called to a higher service. We are being asked by our Father-Mother God, Saint Germain and the entire Company of Heaven if we are willing to put forth the necessary effort to be the heart, head and hands of God in the physical plane of Earth. This is not a monumental task; it is a simple matter of invoking these new frequencies of the Violet Flame and decreeing them into action through our Heart Flames."

In addition, Celia Fenn, who channels Archangel Michael, brings through vital information about the new Grail Codes and how we can integrate the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in order to fully embrace the Fifth Dimensional energies in a "balanced and creative way."

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