Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are You A USB?

No, not a computer interface ~ an Ultra Sensitive Being. For me, becoming a Sensitive in the early '90s (or rather, becoming aware that I am) meant stepping fully into my life purpose and planetary service, so the "downside" — noticing and often reacting to olfactory and other stimuli that for most people fly under the radar — is a small exchange. And yet, given that our language evolves more slowly than we do, I dislike being labeled (or self-labeling) as a "chemically sensitive" person. Ultra Sensitive Being resonates more fully with the truth that sensitivity, like all conditions, contains an inherent wholeness.

It's therefore with great gratitude that I read Stefanie Miller's article, Being Ultra Sensitive this morning.

Later, I also found this wonderful article on eHow, of all places: How to Be A Healthy Empath, which lists 17 clear, helpful tips for recognizing energy that isn't yours, clearing your space, strengthening your energetic field. and nurturing yourself in an accelerated world. Great guidance for almost anyone, whether or not you identify as an empath!

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