Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The New Currency

There's a lot being written about the shifting nature of money in these end times, when absolutely everything about our lives is morphing from the known to the (k)new, as we remember our ancient future.

All the transmissions I'm receiving these days speak of Oracles, prophesying this as the moment between, as we release who we've been and prepare to become something completely different.

A new being presupposes a new way of being: exchanging our energy in a higher octave than simply pieces of paper or metal for goods or services. The new currency is love, communion, community, and honor for all life and the Earth herself. So "going green" applies to money as well as behavior.

In this season when "stores" often replace "stories" as the gift source of choice, I invite you to open yourself to the promise of 2009: a wisdom window into an entirely new way of Being, as the beings we are becoming.

<> Blessings and much love to all <>

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