Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Time of Screaming and Gnashing of Teeth"

Patricia Cota-Robles' latest message, This Is Our Moment! brought a smile to my face, as I've been living my light in service for many years with a dwindling bank balance, doing my best to live the trust frequency I've written about (most recently in my March What Shines newsletter), on this blog, and in my many published articles. But Lord, it's tough sometimes to stay out of fear when we're in bodies and bodies have basic needs, eh?

Why would we subject ourselves to this pain and suffering? Patti reminds us it's because we saw the future, and it was good. Her latest post reads in part:

"We were shown the New Earth in all of her splendor. We witnessed Humanity living with the full knowledge of the Oneness of all Life. On this New Earth, every soul recognizes and reveres the Divinity within every other soul and in every particle of Life. People work together to find viable solutions that reflect the highest good for all concerned in every situation. Win-win experiences are achieved in every line of endeavor. The New Earth transcends all of the maladies now existing on this planet. Exquisite joy, love, abundance, health, happiness, peace, wisdom, enlightenment, and every other aspect of our Father-Mother God are the order of the day on the New Earth.

"This is not, however, the only reason we made the sacrifice to embody on Earth during this unprecedented moment. Through our I AM Presence, we were well aware of the Universal Laws governing the evolution of the Sons and Daughters of God. We knew that in order for something to manifest in the physical plane, it must be invoked or asked for through the free will choice of someone existing in the physical plane.

"With this inner knowing, we clearly understood that in order for us to transform the Earth and all her Life into the infinite perfection of the New Earth, we must be abiding in the physical plane. This is what is meant by the words, 'God needs a body.'"

So let's keep encouraging and supporting one another to get there, dear ones. We're so close: in the final stages of the 9th month of our global rebirth process. All mothers know they would do anything to ease the pain of labor ~ and yet, in the end, they behold a beautiful little bundle of joy, a miracle of co-creation and Love. This is what we're doing now on a mass scale. It's a spiritual emerge-and-see of the highest order. And we are MORE than equal to the task!

Much love and upliftment to you all,

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