Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Need for A Scapegoat

Michael Jackson was an icon, and his "untimely" death (because, really, how can we know another's soul contract, and when they've completed their Earth assignment ~ no matter how terrible a departure may appear from a 3D perspective?) has led to a feeding frenzy in every respect ~ most notably, in our apparently consuming need to find someone to blame.

His personal physician, with him at the end, has been a likely target from the first. No matter that Dr. Conrad Murray has cooperated fully with the authorities from the beginning of the investigation. No matter that MJ had numerous health issues and was under duress at the time of his death on a number of fronts. The media wants a scapegoat. The public wants a scapegoat. So Dr. Murray is about to be officially charged with manslaughter.

I don't know whether the doctor did in fact in some way contribute to Michael's death. But whether he is culpable or not, what's clear to me is our frothing desire to participate in a stoning ~ maybe not in the literal sense, but certainly virtually. Once we flocked to public hangings. We all possess a primal instinct for savagery ~ it's what helped our ancestors survive in the wild. This is powerful energy ~ and we're no longer battling woolly mammoths.

How can we use this energy for the highest good, now?

In the two posts I penned following 9-1-1 in the US, I posited some ideas. I'll happily email them to you: please put "9-1-1 posts" in the subject line: For now, I leave you with this excerpt:

"Reclaiming is a key word for now. We can choose to compost our violence into the rich soil of compassion (literally, 'to suffer with') as a new way of reclaiming our Earth body, and our relationships with one another. Soul/sole/soil are related in meaning, as are whole/holy/heal. Touching the Earth, our collective and only home, with compassion, we live into our soul's purpose more deeply. As we get the 'whole' picture, we become more whole, holy, healed; more One with the All. From this soil teeming with understanding, forgiveness and love, we may cultivate a culture in which we are all welcomed home. Atonement is at-one-ment.

This is radical evolution."

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