Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scared to Sacred: A Subtle Shift

I'm a great fan of subtle shifts: scared to sacred, nowhere to now here, density to destiny, accumulate to appreciate (OK, maybe that last one's not that subtle!) The point is, when we take a second, objective look at what we may have unconsciously pushed away out of fear, the results can be quite surprising.

Take the number 13. Conventional wisdom says, "Bad luck! Steer clear!" Yet if we explore 13 in depth, we access the sacred.

I've posted 50 articles to my Practical Spiritual Examiner page in the last month. There's a lot to explore. Please visit often (I'm posting new content daily, or nearly so) and leave your comments directly on the articles themselves. I look forward to your feedback, and promise to respond.

∞ Blessings ∞

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