Friday, September 18, 2009

Menopause or Memorex?

I've written about menopause symptoms before, but with the combination of Saturn vs. Uranus energy (structure and form/old ways directly opposing the quirky, rebellious, bolt-from-the-blue-into-the-new), huge energetic downloads amping our circuits, and the latest Mercury Rx ~ well, it seems an auspicious moment to post some healing tips that, while created for menopausal women, can assist any of us in moving with more grace and ease through this passage:

How toxicity in the body can mimic menopause:
Hot Flash: Hormone Mimics Wreak Havoc on Women's Health (my personal journey)

How to detoxify your body and home (series of 4 articles):
Allergic ~ Or Toxic?

The challenges and joys of turning 50:
Life in the Middle Ages

Simple steps you can take today to help ground and release:

(1) Go to the woods or ocean, depending on where you live, and get the rage and frustration out by shouting, running, doing ritual, etc.
(2) Write down all of what's bothering you, then delete the message! Or print it out and burn it.
(3) Get an herbal or homeopathic formula from your local health food store.
(4) invest/indulge in acupuncture, massage, or another form of bodywork to help your body balance some of the symptoms and reduce stress.
(5) Remember to breathe! When you feel angry or imbalanced, just taking some really slow, deep breaths outside can make a huge difference.

I'm posting daily additions to my Practical Spirituality Examiner page and welcome your comments and questions ~ will respond to all!

And finally, this may be an ideal time to hire a personal coach to help you Get Unstuck!

∞ Blessings and Light ∞

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