Saturday, June 11, 2011

Timeshifting as the New Earth Rises

Celia Fenn offers an extraordinary discourse on what's happening now, beginning with the total lunar eclipse of June 15th, through Solstice on June 21st and through our November Stargate and into 2012. I highly recommend digesting her entire entry: New Earth Rising: Mastering Time and Embracing the Energy of Love and Support. Here's a summary:

Time in 3rd dimensional reality is only one measurement, and not the most effective, for accelerating consciousness. Celia introduces us to Astronomology, an amalgam of astronomy and astrology that combines the best of both worlds to enhance our perspective.

She writes, "the New Reality Science of Astronomology (is) a new way of viewing the evolution of the Earth and of humanity through the stellar charts of the Heavens, and one that incorporates thirteen houses instead of the twelve of conventional astrology.

"The thirteenth house is called Ophiuchus, and it falls in that area between the end of Scorpio and the beginning of Sagittarius. The name "Ophiucus" simply means "Serpent Holder" and this constellation is identified with healing and the Master Healing Energies, and the Archetypal energies of Aesclepius, Imhotep and the Snake Goddesses!

"Primarily, Ophiuchus is an energy that supports and nourishes and heals. But, it is also interesting that Imhotep was known as a 'Master Builder' and Architect, and in some accounts is credited with the design and building of the Great Pyramid. This is of interest because the Total Lunar Eclipse and the Solstice Alignments will be activating the Stonehenge SuperGalactic Portal, or 'resetting' the clock on the Stonehenge sacred site to align the Earth with the Galactic Center, and this resetting wil be transmitted to all those sacred sites that function as the 'nodes' of the Planetary Supercomputer, including the Pyramid Complex at Giza, and that will ensure that Planet Earth is perfectly aligned on her trajectory towards the 2012 alignment with the New Age of Light, which is also called Ascension.

"What is most important is that Ophiuchus is the energy of healing and support, and the energy of aligning with the Galactic Frequencies. So many people complain of feeling lack of support on so many levels. Yes, probably because you have been living according to one singular calendar or time cycle technology that completely misses out this energy of healing and support. As we shift into an awareness of the Zodiacal Healer and how these energies work with us, we can channel these energies into our lives in ways that are healing and supportive of our changes.

"On the 15th of June 2011, the Full Moon will rise over Stonehenge in Total Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will also be just 3 degrees from the Galactic Center, that is, almost in conjunction. At that moment, powerful Lunar and Galactic Light Codes will recalibrate the Divine Feminine energies of the Snake Goddesses and the Platinum Ray energies of the Shekinah into the Stonehenge Time Code Frequency Cycles. The Energy of the Great Cosmic Mother, Ma'at, will bring the entire Henge back into Cosmic Balance..."

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