Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Touching the Source

I've just read The Myth of The Great Ending by Joseph M. Felser, PhD (see my LinkedIn review) and, aside from the book itself being a must-read for anyone wondering whether the Rapture might yet be at hand, Felser cites some amazing material from Robert Monroe (founder of the Monroe Institute), whose work I'll read next.

Here's Monroe's description of a holographic, telepathic communication from Source, that Felser calls "a nearly indescribable and emotionally wrenching voyage to the very center of universal intelligence". Though it must have been virtually impossible to step the experience down into language, this poetic transmission resonates in me as "YES":

There is no beginning, there is no end,
  There is only change.
There is no teacher, there is no student,
  There is only remembering.
There is no good, there is no evil,
  There is only expression.
There is no union, there is no sharing,
  There is only one.
There is no joy, there is no sadness,
  There is only love.
There is no greater, there is no lesser,
  There is only balance.
There is no stasis, there is no entropy,
  There is only motion.
There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep,
  There is only being.
There is no limit, there is no chance,
  There is only a plan.

~ from Ultimate Journey

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