Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"I'll Have the Scrambled Communication On Toast…"

In The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (with apologies to Douglas Adams), Scrambled Communication might well be on the menu along with eggs over easy. Our personal filters are in overdrive as planetary energies accelerate past Warp 9, fueling glitches that are cosmically comic (and Mercury doesn't even go retrograde until Thanksgiving Day!).

This week alone, I've had two clients hear something very different from what I actually said, and two other people interpret my words with an exact opposite meaning. By the time I'd experienced the second such encounter I was beginning to pay attention; unless I'm suddenly speaking Choctaw, this isn't a language issue.

What's happening? We're in the midst of a dimensional merge, which can render once-ordinary communication quirky in ways that are sometimes humorous, sometimes hurtful, occasionally bizarre. Even when we think we're being abundantly clear — or that our meaning is blatantly obvious — it now pays to spell everything out very carefully, whether in person, by email, by phone or text message. Social media posts can also be misconstrued with greater ease now, not from intent, but from disparate frequency. Think of it as a global Doppler effect.

The answer, as always, is Love. Coming from a heartspace, there is no misinterpretation because everything sounds like yes, like being bathed in warmth, like nourishment. Unfortunately, except for the saintly among us, most of us still drop into and out of this high place, as we endeavor to dwell here. Yet we are forging heretofore-unimagined pathways of community and connection, from Occupy Global, which became a worldwide happening virtually overnight in October, to the imminent 11-11-11 ceremonies and celebrations slated for this Friday and weekend.

We're ushering in a new era, stepping into "a vision of life as play and possibility," as the subtitle of James P. Carse's seminal work, Finite and Infinite Games (which I'm now savoring, sentence by sentence) proposes. There is nothing to win, because there is nothing to lose. It's all theatre, a grand design of our minds, which are slowly surrendering to our hearts. We just need to keep reminding one another to order the Inspiration Salad, an all-inclusive meal that keeps us well fed forever — and Scrambled Communication may soon disappear from the menu for lack of interest.


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