Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect Social Upgrades: A Year of 'Yes'

Aussie Jasmuheen, who lives on light (pure prana; she doesn't eat food!) composed this poetic insight to what she's calling the Year of Yes:

We're chilling 'cause it's cool,
new streams are here to rule.
We've chosen so much more,
than we ever have before.
Just sit there and be still,
breathe slow until we chill,
new times, come fun and fast,
new ways that will now last.

A smile it fills my heart,
for now we feel a part,
of something bold and bright,
of warmth and pure delight.
We say these words out loud,
we call upon all crowds,
to bless where we have been,
we open to new scenes.
To all who hear these words,
to all who will heal wounds,
it's a time for letting go
to move in truth's pure flow.
A field of light is here,
for all who've come to care,
a flavour of pure fun
where wisdom's song is sung.
So join me, tune in now,
rise, remember how,
step into your heart,
and feel your blessed part
Stand up tall with me,
then sink upon your knee,
respect, we tune it in,
with love all life begins.
With perfect social upgrades,
that benefit the whole,
we know that we're now ready,
to embark on our new role.
So say these words together,
first feel them in your heart,
perfect social upgrade now,
so all our lives now spark!
Yes here we are together, making this new pact!
Say yes to this upgrade, then leave it at that!

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