Monday, December 22, 2014

Are Your Wells Low? Have Faith: Help IS On the Way!

Several years ago, when my own wells were full and a friend was struggling financially, I invited him over for dinner, placing a $50 bill in a holiday gift envelope under his plate. When he saw it, he said, "Oh, I can't accept this!" And I replied, unconcerned about repayment yet with absolute certainty, "Spirit will give it back to me!"

Two days later there was a long envelope in my mailbox from a chiropractor friend, who had never sent me snail mail before. Figuring it was an announcement of some kind about her practice, I opened the letter to read a heartfelt thank-you for my newsletter all these years — accompanied by a donation check for $50. I was astonished at the absolute perfection with which realization leads to manifestation.

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