Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Victim, Volunteer — or Visionary?

Music artist Christine Lavin once penned an arresting tune called Victim-Volunteer, with blisteringly insightful lyrics that lay bare how we hide from ourselves:

Do you think of yourself as a victim? / Or do you volunteer? / Do you let somebody else call all of your shots? / Do you cower in the corner in fear?

Or do you follow because it is easy to do? / Do you fool with modern high tech voodoo? / Too bad if you're a victim but whatever you do / Don't volunteer.

Two is duality: victim or volunteer, we're still dancing to external music, out of time with our own rhythm. It's been the way of the world for eons — until now. As we enter an era beyond history, we can drop duality along with dusty yesterdays, and embody a grander possibility. Caroline Casey calls this magnificent moment "a windfall of wherewithal," when the capacity and connections we need to give our vision a voice materialize at the speed of Light. It's time to acknowledge our intrinsic genius, which means saying yes to a third "V" — visionary.

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