Sunday, July 03, 2005

The 51% Solution

I've been struggling with some internal demons lately, feeling a huge disparity between the woman I am in cyberspace and how I come across in 3-D. Some days it takes tremendous effort to continue plodding forward as a spiritual servant.

So it was a relief and a remedy to receive Patricia Cota-Robles' latest missive, reminding us that we need only attain a "critical mass" of 51% in order to empower a shift in consciousness. She says,

"When empowering a vision or thoughtform, the moment 51 percent of our energy, vibration and consciousness is in alignment with our vision, it reaches critical mass, and nothing can stop it from manifesting. The problem is that we never know just when we are going to reach that magical moment of critical mass. There are often no outer-world signs, and it may even look as if we are very far away from that instant of transformation.

"That is when we usually feel our efforts are failing, and we give up. Sometimes we may be just a breath away from reaching critical mass, but we don't realize that, so we get discouraged and stop working to reach our goals. Then we end up never manifesting our visions.

"In very practical terms, critical mass means that when we are striving to create prosperity in our lives, the moment our thoughts, words, actions and feelings are vibrating with 51 percent prosperity consciousness instead of poverty consciousness, our life circumstances will shift, and we will begin to experience prosperity. The moment 51 percent of our energy is aligned with self-esteem and love, we will magnetize positive relationships into our lives. The moment 51 percent of our energy is aligned with peace, harmony and balance, we will manifest those Divine Qualities tangibly in our life experiences."

So keep on keepin' on, magnificent co-creators! And when you need a supportive shoulder, please drop me a line: You can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter, What Shines.

To read more from Patricia, visit Era of Peace.

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