Friday, April 21, 2006

Every Day is "Earth Day"

Saturday, April 22nd, marks the 36th anniversary of Earth Day, an environmental event that, according to founder Senator Gaylord Nelson, was "self-organizing"--like the Earth, Herself. We've come a long way in consciousness since 1970. I'm sitting on the campus of Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona, where students come from all over the U.S. to study environmental issues. The Crossroads Cafe serves up healthier fare than the local health food store! And it's encouraging to talk with 18-year-olds who somehow sound far more mature than I remember being at their age, as they calmly share their awareness of wellness, environmental dangers such as EMFs, and desire for deep community. It's heartening to hear.

We're all awakening en masse in these creational times, when living the NOW places us in sync with the ineffable. As a beautiful newsletter I just discovered [thanks to What Shines reader Jasna Kamin from Slovenia] says, "The Kingdom of Heaven is your habitat." HeavenLetters reminds us, "Heaven is only a handclasp away. There is no path to Heaven, and there is no path from it. There is no entrance nor exit. There is your pondering, that’s all. There is you exploring the unexplorable. There is you searching for gold when you are the gold. Your search is ending. It is ending the only way it can, and that is with discovery. You are finding the end of the rainbow, and it’s you."

Be the Rainbow you are by loving your Home every day. If you need some ideas for how to begin, New American Dream offers them by the bushel. I know personally how daunting it can be to feel at home here when you know you're a Star Being who has chosen this Earth assignment to help midwife the planet's ascension. The vagaries of planetary initiation can challenge even those who know what's happening and why. So the more Love we can express for every aspect of Earthiness, the easier the transformation will become.

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