Monday, May 15, 2006

Gold Watch

I'm in Nevada City, California, another spiritual portal and the town in which gold was first discovered during the California Gold Rush. And going for the gold is on my mind...albeit in a much different form than that phrase typifies.

I remember when, deep into my awakening in Santa Fe years ago, I kept sensing that it had something to do with the energy of gold, and what that called forth. Gold represents the Sun, the masculine, the energy of manifesting; Silver, of course, is the Moon, the feminine, the energy of attraction and allowing.

In Western culture, we've been way "over-masculinized" with our pervasive "Go for the Gold" mentality. But keeping our eye on the gold ("gold watch") has another interpretation now: releasing our old roles and responsibilities for the bliss of showing others how to be the Light that they are. Intriguingly, just this morning I had the hit that I wasn't a "life coach" so much as a "Light coach": a wayshower for the Light.

And Karen Bishop valaidates my perception in her latest alert, entitled, "The End". She observes that Lightworkers now get to "retire" from where and who we've been, but with the energetic equivalent of a gold watch and a grand pension. She says that even if you can't imagine how you'll be supported financially, to just relax and ride this wave for the next month or so, because July is going to burst on the scene with support that will astound us in every way--if we're following our passion and joy, trusting in the process.

Since the money piece has pretty much driven my choices the last 5 years or so, I'm ready for the infusion! Although, intriguingly, when I think about it in an organized fashion, something I really began to do last night as I started to pull together notes for a new article on my seemingly odd lifestyle, I realized with renewed wonder just how much the Universe has been supporting me all along--not necessarily with cash in the bank, but with incredible people showing up, opening their homes and hearts to me at exactly the moment I needed it. I've become highly resilient in living this way; more and more people ask me in wonder, "Aren't you afraid?" or they say, "Wow, I could never do what you do!"

And yet, it's all a heroes are the ones who live "creatively homeless" while touring the world, fulfilling their service contract, whether that involves giving performances, concerts, talks, workshops and other events, or simply holding the space for transmutation with their presence.

So I'm ready to bask and breathe, knowing my energy continues to transform by my presence as well, because of the response others have to me in the most mundane of interactions. I'll be my Silver Self relaxing into the Gold Bouillon of All; staying liquid, in the flow and in the know. Remember, all money metaphors contain water imagery: liquid assets, currency (currents), reserves (reservoir), cash flow, affluence (which literally means, "to flow abundance").

Here's to your wealth!

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