Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Quantum "I" in the Quickening Storm

May 12-14th marks an annual worldwide celebration of the Buddha's birthday. Known as Wesak, the ceremony takes its name from the Wesak Valley, located at 24,000 feet in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet.

For Stateside pilgrims, a powerful 3-day event convenes on Mt. Shasta, one of Earth's major energy vortexes. This is the 12th annual Shasta Wesak event, which, according to presenter Jean Claude Koven, "Promises to be a particularly powerful happening as the number twelve, which occurs often in many sacred texts, spiritually points to the Congregation of God. It is the number of the Platonic solid with twelve sides called a dodecahedron, considered by many metaphysicians to be the shape of the universe."

What I found especially compelling and synchronous, given my recent writings about living consciously as a Wanderer, is that Koven, whose bio describes him as one who "speaks for the millions of Lightworkers who have come to this planet to help evolve the consciousness of its people," has written a book entitled Going Deeper. One reviewer says of the book,

"Going Deeper is truly the novel of the New Age — meant for all of us 'fish out of water' — the 70 million Wanderers who have ventured onto this planet, most unfortunately still asleep. This book is conceived as a catalyst to urge the unawakened Wanderers to wake up and BE their destiny — whatever form their specialized service work will take in the upcoming planetary dimensional shifts of this Earth."

I'm now eager to read it, especially since the reviewer points to one of the key aspects of awakening, which Koven has recognized: "... the deep wisdom held by other than human beings. Animals, trees, and stones have such wisdom if we have but ears to hear."

Whether you are able to attend an organized Wesak event or just honor the sacred moment wherever you may dwell, one way to participate is simply to connect with other life forms. Hug a tree and feel its branches embracing you deep inside, as I did on my healing journey. Talk to your feline companion, and learn from her/his wisdom. (I talk to both cats and crows regularly.)

Everything is animate, whether or not it appears to breathe (witness the words above about trees and stones.) This includes apparently "lifeless" forms, such as tables, cars and computers. If you think that's a silly idea, consider the scientific research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Healing Power of Water, who has now proven that water changes its molecular structure depending on whether it's exposed to acid rock or Beethoven, angry words or love. So remember to be kind to whatever is part of your world...cars and computers count, too!

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