Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Sorting

In the Harry Potter books (which I love!), new students at Hogwart's (the wizard training school) are placed into their appropriate "House" (akin to a dormitory) via a "sorting hat," which divines their innermost Selves and instinctively calls out the correct placement.

We'll need to put on something like the sorting hat in upcoming weeks and months, as the wild ride of 2006 asks us to step into the Grander Reality ever more fully. Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn speaks to two of my own greatest challenges this month: releasing what I've long referred to as "The Big E" (Expectation) and embracing Discernment. This includes our dependence on the economic "realities" we've created, and moving into 5th dimensional allowing energies.

Understandably, says Michael, "You may feel tired, vulnerable, insecure, you may feel that you are struggling or are uncomfortable in your physical body as you pass through this 'void' into the New Energies. Old physical and emotional problems and issues may have returned for their final healing and releasing as you move into the New Earth with your new clear crystalline body."

This is a significant channeling and I encourage you to read the entire missive. May you dance Lightly into the service of the New!

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