Sunday, July 23, 2006

Coming Om to the Light

To complement yesterday's post, here's a slightly different perspective on the current Leonine energies, the explosiveness in the Middle East, and our collective quest for planetary peace. Thanks to Lynne Murgula.

"In recent days many lightworkers have expressed awareness of apparently baseless agitation experienced both on physical and psychic levels. There can be little doubt that the conflict currently escalating in the Middle East is impacting the etheric web of the planet, given this area's historic role as the 'cradle of civilization'.

Disciples recognize physical plane events as reflections of the fight-to-the-finish between the forces of darkness and light -- a reality which becomes increasingly potent with the ever-advancing approach of the Age of Aquarius -- and which can be addressed only via transformation of the etheric energies surrounding the planet, energies determining all manifestation upon the dense physical plane which humanity inhabits in physical form.

As we commence our work with Leo, the sign of individual awareness, and with its New Moon, the moon phase of beginnings, let us recognize the spiritual reality that we are all One -- fragments of the Whole -- and the truth that the sense of ourselves as individual beings is an illusion caused by the duality inherent in form. Let us, therefore, use the opportunity of the Leo energies to reveal the inherent Oneness of all."

Keynote for Leo: "I Am That Am I"


We come together in group intent, raising our attention above the head, allowing energy - in the form of spirit - to flow through the body and through this worldwide group working together. We direct this spirit from the intuitive center between the eyebrows, toward and permeating our planet as it hangs in space -- giving rise to a translucent, shimmering globe transforming the light from white to silver to radiant gold. We hold this vision for 2 minutes, then recognizing our individuality within the group, we experience the Oneness we have become in the synthetic effort to light the planet and thereby prepare humanity for the new world era. We invite spirit to permeate and consolidate our Oneness in preparation for sharing its light in the coming Full Moon of Leo. We hold this vision of the group for 3 minutes, then sounding aloud:


~ from People's Initiative for Departments of Peace

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