Sunday, July 02, 2006

Health and Consciousness Alert: Mercury Rx Imminent!

It's that time again, fellow travelers: just as the U.S. celebrates 230 years of "independence" (a separate topic in itself!), Mercury, the planet that rules communication on all levels, goes retrograde (appears to travel backward) until July 28th. Considering we're in the midst of opening the Syrian Stargate and releasing a lot of old programming, this can make July especially intense. I know I'm already feeling some of the weird symptoms that Shala discusses on

Be on the alert for:

• fatigue,
• body pain,
• digestion upsets,
• rising inner heat (and I thought it was perimenopause! :-),
• headaches,
• neck/back pain,
• cravings (ditto for the chocolate bar!),
• hunger,
• sleep interruption,
• vivid dreams,
• water retention,
• brain fog and memory loss,
• depression,
• sore eyes,
• constipation/diarrhea,
• skin rashes,
• nausea.

The good news: these are all very temporary conditions as we clear out old energies that no longer serve who we're becoming. Shala counsels: "Many of these symptoms are our body coping with the Earth’s dynamic energy shifts and also our own frequency amplification. There is no one way to eliminate all of these symptoms; however we can soften them to an extent by supporting our body with some simple and basic offerings.

• Drink good living water and fresh green organic juices--especially celery, cucumber & parsley;
• Eat fresh organic greens, salads, fruits, soaked seeds, nuts, superfoods and lots of liquid ionic minerals;
• Spend time outdoors;
• Meditate;
• Give your body the gift of saunas, massage, yoga, and walking.

All help the body to balance our inner terrain and allow food and energy to flow easier."

Shala also recommends the film, The Secret as a useful tool for helping us along this path toward total freedom. Since it's the second recommendation for it I've received in 2 days (the first being from wonderful cyber colleague, Kathleen Jacoby, whose own blog is quite thought-provoking), I'm paying attention. The spiritual cinema genre is greatly amped up now along with all other evolutionary media, so there will be a lot more movies with messages coming soon to the Silver Screen.

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