Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tools for Cooling Our Global Fever

As we enter the astrological sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun, we're living in a hot zone everywhere: tempers are flaring, the Middle East is again embroiled in an emotional volcano, and the planet Herself is overheating to record levels. Fortunately, we are powerful co-creators who can help shift the energy using the tool that's our best-kept open secret: awareness.

In her latest newsletter, Deb Holt reminds us, "These days between July 13th and August 3rd are known as, 'days of narrowness.' Or simply put, the three negative weeks. They can be considered the most challenging days of the year. And potentially the most rewarding.

The spiritual ozone layer that normally surrounds us is now removed. This lack of a filter results in Light permeating us directly and in concentrated form. Without restriction, our vessels are unable to handle this infusion of energy and this is why throughout history wars and large-scale calamities have occurred during this time.

However, if we take extra care to treat others--and ourselves-- with human dignity, the Light available at this time can wake us up from our slumber of routine and complacency. With the consciousness of love for no reason - especially when we are angry - we will generate enormous goodness both personally and globally.

This is the time of Leo. This month there is a strong tendency to experience a surge of negativity. The sign of Leo is controlled by the sun, and whereas most other planets control two signs, the only sign the sun controls is Leo. Therefore, the energy of Leo is very concentrated. If we are not ready for it, we can get dowsed.

Know that the fundamental underlying cause of the difficulties and chaotic conditions that have become part of the human landscape is the intolerance of people toward each other. Intolerance separates us from the Light of the Creator and permits the negative ego-energy to run the show.

To counter this surge of egocentric entitlement we dig deeper within ourselves and find a way to love for no reason. Unconditional love is something of a slogan these days. We say it, but don't always know how to do it.

The information below can be used often and shared with friends and family. Envision the troubled areas in your personal life and around the globe and imagine sending Light and Love to those dark places. With the collective energy being generated throughout the world, we will generate miracles for the record books.

Assets of the Leo:

• Sincere, hard-working yet laid-back, love to learn, fun, charismatic, larger-than-life

Main motivation:

Negatives and how to transform them:

• The rule is that a Leo knows everything, and they also can fix everyone’s life. As a Leo, give yourself permission not to fix everyone’s problems.

• Leos hate asking for help. Go against your nature – receive instead of give – to create new opportunities.

• Flattery will get you everywhere with a Leo. Learn to give yourself approval so you don't need to seek it from every person you meet.

• Leos live in extremes, from how they spend their money to how they love others. Seek balance in everything you do. Ask yourself why you are doing too much.

• One of Leo’s main problems in relationships is trust. Letting people in is a challenge. So show your vulnerability is not a weakness – it is a strength and a very attractive quality.

• Leos give too much and never understand why people turn against them afterwards. Remember the principle to allow people to earn your largesse.

How to improve relationships with a Leo:

• Treat them with respect.
• Ask them to do you a favor rather than ordering them to do something.
• Give them a lot of attention.
• Gently help them see outside of themselves.

This month, climbing out of our quicksand of 'disgust and annoyance' is not so simple when we are neck deep in it. Yet, patience is the action to pull us out when we are sinking into 'hatred for no reason.' Practice patience with yourself first, and then with others this month. Start with yourself first because our hatred and anger comes from our own pain and confusion. So we need to be gentle with ourselves. We won’t embrace others’ Light if we don’t already embrace our own.

For these next 31 days use the mantra: let it go. It's not the time to dwell in hatred, even if we do have good reasons. The energy is too powerful and the boomerang of the karmic effect is quick and painful.

This is also a great time to reacquaint ourselves with useful spiritual tools and practices. This is one of pain’s positives – it helps us appreciate the many resources for moving more quickly into the Light."

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