Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kucinich = "You Win" Niche!

OK — I just made up the rhyme quickly, but the truth is, Dennis Kucinich is a candidate of, by and for the people: he is REAL, and the best choice we have for evolving a true Democracy in this country, for the first time in decades.

Check out Dennis on, where the eloquent Jesse Jackson exhorts us to remember that the issue is "not race or gender, but agenda." Dennis's agenda is to get us out of the war on Iraq, which he has voted against from the get-go, and back to the issues that build meaningful lives and worthwhile futures: universal health care, guaranteed quality education, renewable energy, and—gasp!— jobs that serve the workers.

You'll be inspired by Kucinich's website, which showcases exactly who he is: a new breed of politician who weds an abundant heart with a brilliant mind, and is leading the Baby Boom generation (and all America) in modeling what we can become.

Cast your vote NOW for Kucinich in 2008; he's a winner for us all.

Here are some articles I posted when Dennis ran for president in 2004:

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