Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flippin' Fabulous

Piggybacking on my February e-newsletter, What Shines, in which I describe, "what you know, before you know that you know": during my birthday sojourn to Harbin Hot Springs, I was perusing their bookstore and was taken with the title The Flip—Turn Your World Around by Jared Rosen and David Rippe.

Why did this book grab my attention? Because my brother has called me Flip or Flipper most of my life, as I've called him Snip or Snipster. We concocted these nicknames in childhood—and now here's an entire book full of "Flipsters" who are "flipping" how we perceive the world! Check out these chapter titles:

1) Flipping Life—from Flipped Out to Flipped In
2) Flipping Mind—from Fragmented Thought to Whole Thinking
3) Flipping Emotions—from Resistance to Flow
4) Flipping Channels—from Mindless Programming to Mindful Media
5) Flipping Burgers—from Processed Food to Natural Wholesomeness
6) Flipping Pills—from Treating Symptoms to Maintaining Health
7) Flipping The Switch—from Nonrenewable to Sustainable Energy
8) Flipping The Coin—from Scarcity to Abundance
9) Flipping The Corporation—from Pirates to Stewards
10) Flipping The Trigger—from Tribal Warfare to Global Tribe
11) Flipping The Light—from God-fearing Believers to Spiritual Human Beings

Each chapter concludes with "Flip Tips" to help you make the shift. To get "hip to the flip", visit Rosen's and Rippe's website. And remember, you heard it from the original Flipper. Here's to your Dolphin Dreams!

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