Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yinification in Argentina

In what seems to me an outpicturing of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine integration taking place within each of us and all across the planet now, Argentina's outgoing president has passed the baton to his wife, who is not only the first woman to be elected president of Argentina, but also symbolic of the power transfer from the masculine model to the more collaborative feminine role now enjoying a resurgence as we surf towards true unity and wholeness.

As I've written before, few people realize that the U.S. Constitution is patterned directly on the Iroquois model of leadership, with one glaring omission: we have no Council of Clan Mothers, or Grandmother Council, which was integral to the Native American structure that so inspired Thomas Jefferson. Perhaps if our Founding Fathers had included Founding Mothers in the new nation's governing equation, we'd consider ritual-based decision making, that honors both masculine and feminine voices and envisions the outcome unto the seventh generation, the natural course for balance and well being. Imagine what our culture might look like if the White House consulted a group of wise women prior to implementing any major policy change!

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