Friday, January 11, 2008


It's a '1' year of new beginnings (2+0+0+8 = 10 = 1+0 =1), and today is 1/11, a 1111 day! And, if you're familiar with the 11:11, it is also an 11:11 day. (See Solara's excellent Nvisible site for more information.)

Channel Michele Denman calls this a time of Heartweaving:

"As we enter the gate of 1:1:1, we enter the Age of the Galactic Sun.

The New Christ is born and Heaven on Earth is returning.

We are entering the Golden Age, the age foretold.

Old timelines no longer matter, that is the age-old timeline from
the Mayan Calendar of 2012, is now outdated and no longer useful.

We are in a new Time, a New Age, a new Clock.

The calendars of yesteryear are no longer needed as we enter
Our Internal Time now, which is NOW.

We are the creators and the creation of the Now is simple; it is Joy.

Heaven returns in an instant.

Those hearing the Call right now, are knowing that the
Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age begins now.

February 1st of this year marks the beginning of the New Creation.

That is, we will see our creations unfold before us, as the New Year.

This is the New Egypt, the New Aquarian Gospel, the age foretold that
is now.

As we weave and re-weave the magic of the Heart, we are entering
the Age of the Sun, the Golden Age. The Heart Energy is imperative.

Ishanyi, the Feminine Christ stands before you in her Golden Aura,
heralding the Second Coming, the Coming of Love.

Your Heartstrings are magic as they re-weave the magic of creation.


New Heaven."

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