Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Karen Bishop's latest discourse, on the symptoms of spiritual emergence, is one of the clearest I've read in awhile. It literally is like tunnel travel, or being in a submarine: we've had the spiritual equivalent of the bends. (I personally was nauseous for 3 months, then one day it vanished, and the ringing in my ears began. But that, too, is now past.)

As we transmute density at the speed of Light, we're releasing the old through our physical vessels. Symptoms can include:

* intense muscle aches
* sinus pressure and headaches
* deep body pain
* ringing in the ears
* nausea
* intestinal distress
* coughing and chest congestion
* feelings of pressure or toxicity in the body
* insomnia
* a feeling that absolutely nowhere feels right or comfortable
* a wondering where home might now be, with seemingly nowhere else left to go, or nowhere left that seems to “fit.”

So hang on and hang in there, fellow travelers, because you're almost through, and almost Home!

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