Sunday, January 06, 2008

Law of Attraction In Action

To start the New Year off in the spirit of positivity and possibility, I offer these words from an old soul in a youthful body: 20-year-old Stephanie Snyder, who personifies the Law of Attraction in action. I profiled Stephanie in the January issue of my e-newsletter, What Shines, for her conviction in following her heart and relocating because her inner voice was so compelling — and her new life is unfolding beyond her wildest dreams!

I'll have a follow-up report in the February issue. For now, here are Stephanie's wise words, penned on one of her last nights caring for a sweet, wheelchair-bound teen girl with whom she'd developed a special bond:

I have learned that some of us are differently abled, but we all deserve love the same.
I have learned that Patience really is a virtue.
I have learned that we all have a story to share, and the importance of taking the time to hear as many as possible.
I have learned that Love always wins.
I have learned that sometimes it takes some of us just a little longer......
I have learned that most peoples intentions are for the greater good.
I have learned that Compassion cannot be taught from a textbook.
I have learned that all things must end to allow for new beginnings.
I have learned the importance of time and sharing it with others.
I have learned that there are no mistakes, and none have ever been made.
I have learned the power of Love and our ability to Create and Live it.

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