Monday, March 03, 2008

Hi Tech for Higher Purpose

Since I just referenced the famous Star Trek transporter device in the March issue of my e-zine, What Shines, I was deLighted to find the following article on how so many of the visionary TV show's technological inventions are now in actual existence (or getting there).

I've always thought Star Trek was written by walk-ins (higher dimensional aspects of ourSelves that step into our 3-D bodies, often moving our lives in very different directions. BTW, having a walk-in is a clear soul agreement, so if the information is new to you and scary sounding, fear not: no one can "walk into" your body without your consent!).

So...we've enjoyed our techno-toys, and are now delving more deeply into how we can use technology for the highest good of the planet. Check out these nifty adaptations of brill sci-fi:

Star Trek Tech

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