Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Time to Yinify

As Easter and the Equinox are kinned this year, it seems an ideal moment to embrace union and renewal on all levels. I coined the word yinify years ago to mean, bringing more of the Feminine energy and the essence of harmony and balance into ourselves and into the world.

While I've long supported Dennis Kucinich, who embodies yinification to a remarkable degree, with his withdrawal from the U.S. presidential quest I now view Barack Obama as a candidate who, by both his nature and personal history, stands poised to bring a divided country closer to collaboration than ever before. I think it would be absolutely awesome to have these two insightful, impassioned leaders share stewardship of the USA's highest elected office.

Enjoy this impassioned talk:
A More Perfect Union

And read Dennis's visionary speech, Spirit and Stardust, first delivered at the Praxis Peace Conference in Croatia in 2002.

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