Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pluto, Wesak, and Historic Opportunity

Pluto, the Great Transformer, makes its final passage across the Galactic Center, completing the series of historic conjunctions that began in Christmas week, December 2006 (what a week that was for me! My story about living mobilely, The New Nomads, which I'd been trying to write for 3 years, suddenly came gushing forth in 3 hours!).

This final Pluto/Galactic Center tete-a-tete takes place with Pluto in retrograde motion (appearing to travel "backward" from our vantage point on Earth) into Sagittarius, before turning direct and moving into Capricorn for the next 15 years.

Intuitive astrologer Allison Rae, whose latest issue of Cosmic Time is replete with topical information, says, "When the Lord of the Underworld aligns with the massive star- and planet-making black hole at the center of the Milky Way, changes are deep, fast, furious and long-lasting. It may not feel like it, but all Heaven in breaking loose on Earth. During this retrograde phase, we have another chance for Divine Love to emerge as the dark recesses of the individual and collective psyche are purged of illusion - the self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, programs and addictions that have no place in an enlightened future."

We also enjoy two full moons in Scorpio, April 20 and May 19-20, bookends for Wesak, the Buddha's birthday celebration, which this year takes place April 20th. Since Pluto rules Scorpio, this can be an especially rich growth opportunity, notes Rae, a time to "uproot longstanding karmic patterns and accelerate our transformation into self-realized divine beings." It's also an auspicious and potent moment to pray for Tibet liberation at long last.

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