Friday, June 20, 2008

Ballooning Into Solstice

Thanks to Canadian muse Eileen Balint for this evocative Summer Solstice poem:

Ballooning Into Solstice

The longest day of the year is dawning
In between dreams ...
I retreat to my humble garden, it's tradition!
Amidst champaign bubbles of fortune teller dew
Magic is afoot ... for those with scrying eyes.

An iridescent lattice of spidery lace
In looking glass style, illumines the landscape
Another reality surfaces ... still under the influence
Of a ripe full moon.

The spiderwebbing decorum, conjures an ‘oily doily’
Of crystalline dragline silk,
Drenched in mother of pearl drops
Spiderlings ballooning all night, into Solstice.

The rhythmic sway of maidenhair fern
In between dreams ...
Succumb to Pan's flutey woodwind
Like garden seaweed floating in an ocean of emerald shade
Bestowing spores of invisibility.

Spiderwort blossoms invoke indigo consciousness
Unravelling yet another matrix, a grid of goodness and grace.
Elders and saints polish their berries and wort
Soon the realm of in-between shall revel once more

I can hear the whales and naiads too!
In solidarity, singing their ancient ancestral songs
A cosmic solstice canon of songlines
Indra's Net is but a dream catcher for those gone fishing.

A midsummer's night encounter awaits you
In between dreams ...
I have a gift for you ... 'tis the ivy crown of Titania, queen of the faery
We shall ready ourselves for
Ballooning into Solstice

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