Sunday, June 15, 2008

Intensity Rising: Wisdom for Now

Does it feel as though people are in your face and in your space more than ever before? This is part of our melting boundaries as we evolve into Oneness. At the same time, it behooves us to know what's real, what's us, and not to collude with illusion (both of these words mean "in the game").

Aluna Joy offers some highly on-point guidance as we rocket towards a full Solstice Moon:

"This division between the WAS-BEENs and WILL-BEs, the past and our future, is a required step toward the 2012 shift of the ages. We will begin to merge into the collective ONE in the Many'. We will begin to feel less and less boundaries between each other. Any energy that is out of alignment will be more painful, be it coming from ourselves or coming from others. Your neighbor is not your neighbor anymore. He is coming into what was once your private space. You may want to isolate yourself to gain back that space. You may also experience depression and anxiety. These may be symptoms that we will feel just prior to entering oneness. We may feel psychically attacked if the energy we feel is coming from a WAS-BEEN's mentality. The dissolving of boundaries will force us to be more aware of our energy and how we use it. The planetary collective will be gently forced into impeccability and integrity. Darkness and conscious evil intent will be swiftly dealt with."

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