Sunday, June 01, 2008

Collisions of Stars

In my first year of college, a man who lived on my dorm floor (yes, it was a coed floor; rather radical for 1975, quaint today, when some colleges permit opposite gender roommates!) shared a poem he'd written the summer before. It so entranced me that I committed it to memory, and though I have no idea where he is now, I still love the words, which seem applicable to our current state of cosmic chaos.

Gary van Mook, wherever you are, thanks for your creative genius.

Collisions of Stars

Riding my star
To the corners of you
A fusion of warmth
Obliterates pain.

Chasing my dreams
Through the echoes of youth
A chamber of sound
Recalls through the rain.

Walking the road
To the melting of time
A sense of the night
Erases the moon.

Climbing the hill
To the top of the world
Collisions of stars
Will answer me soon.

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