Saturday, August 02, 2008

One Sound, One Heart, One Soul

Last night, to honor one of the most powerful evolutionary opportunities we'll experience this year (full solar eclipse occurring on the Lammas cross-quarter gateway), I was blessed to be part of a shamanic sound healing ceremony facilitated by Akasa, a sound ceremonialist and visionary who was initiated into her life purpose by the Oracle of Delphi on Summer Solstice, 1997.

Akasa carries the purest Love/Wisdom energy of anyone I've encountered. When I "happened" to meet her nearly a year ago at Whole Foods, she was dressed as the Goddess incarnate and I had to express my joy at how she chose to manifest in the world. She immediately responded from a deep level of recognition, and we spoke as the sisters we no doubt are, across eons.

Yet I suspect most people she meets feel similarly embraced by her ecstatic essence. In addition to those of us who are less well known, luminaries from Stanley Krippner, PhD, to Brian Swimme, PhD ("The Universe Story" with Thomas Berry); from Fred Alan Wolf, PhD (featured in What the Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secret) to Barbara Marx Hubbard, laud her work.

Akasa has begun making VISION Statement Movies of people's life purpose that, as Swimme notes, "contain the multiple modes of mind, heart, soul, sound, body and spirit all at once." During yesterday's One Sound Visioning event, we collectively helped birth a New Humanity and a New Earth.

Celebrating with Akasa elevates you to a higher level of personal harmony. Highly recommended!

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