Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sound Wisdom

Glass artist Paul White, a longtime subscriber to my inspirational ezine, What Shines, often responds with intriguing information of his own. The September issue focuses on sound, and the myriad ways we can use it to heal and shift ourselves and our beloved Gaia.

Paul writes, "How interesting you are discussing sound. On the way home from a poetry event in Mountainaire, NM I started to hum. I had my earplugs in because I've found using earplugs lessens driving and flying fatigue. So as I was humming I began to hum nasally, raising the pitch and lowering it. All of a sudden I found a vibration that actually created another tone. It was like there was a bee inside my head. I've only experienced that one other time, when I was in a Peruvian whistle circle. Have you ever heard of Peruvian whistles?

Thank you for your What Shines emails, they always have such interesting information!"

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