Friday, September 26, 2008

Tonight: Night of Immense Power and Potential!

Caroline Casey reports that tonight, September 26, 2008, is a night of incredible power and promise, not just on a political level:

"It is a time when vows to fulfill one's assignment are animated, and also a time when Fate both embraces those who dedicate themselves to their dharmic role and dismisses those who are not an energetic math for the Story of the time...

"Ally Deborah Felmeth, from Syria, further informs us of this late-breaking ancient Mythic News:

    'The Night of Majesty, also called the Night of Grandeur and the Night of Power is Friday September 26th this year. It falls always on the night of the 27th day of Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic Year. As the Islamic calendar is a Lunar calendar it falls approximately 11 days earlier within our Solar calendar each year. Prayer on this night is considered to be better than prayer for 1,000 months. The veils between the worlds most thin at this time...'

"'But Fate had no further use for him,' is one phrase, by which those not dedicated to the greater good are dismissed and shunted back-stage.

"It is not Gabriel, but Al-Burak, the widely revered magic flying horse with the face of a beautiful woman, body of horse, giant white swan's wings, a tail of peacock colors, who takes Mohammed all over the world and to heaven and back on this night.

"So beginning the Night of September 26th, debate or whatever night, we fly with Al-Burak for the next 40 Days to the election Night. There's lots to work with here.

Our default setting is that everything is perfect, in some quirky way ..."

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