Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Age of Aquarius: Balancing the Both/And

It's my birthday, and a somewhat strange one at that. I was heartened to log on to Celia Fenn's Starchild Global site this morning and see her latest Michael channeling, which elaborates on the idea I presented in my February What Shines, that we're now operating on multiple levels simultaneously. The entire post is extremely worth reading; here's an excerpt:
"Beloved Lightworkers, as you enter this month of February, you are experiencing your Reality in a new way. You are beginning to experience the multiple levels and expressions of Light in your reality. As the 'Hologram' of your Fifth Dimensional Reality strengthens and becomes clearer, you are entering into a new and challenging phase of your evolution as a Collective.

"As the new grids are energized and activated around the Planet, more and more light flows into the new grids in preparation for the new manifestations. On these grids there is a high tension of creative energy surging through the new crystalline matrix. The Abundance of Source is pulsing through the grids as Harmonics of Light, just waiting to be woven into manifestation by the Masters of Light who can access the flow of Abundance through their open hearts and their joyful service to the Light. At the same time, the old third-dimensional grids are being depleted of energy, and this is creating a 'vacuum' effect, where nothing seems to move forward and nothing seems to flow.

"Indeed, Beloved Ones, this is where the challenge arises for you as Masters of Light. You will be confronted by two 'levels' of experience in your daily lives. The one level will be the miraculous fifth-dimensional flow of Abundance, the other will be the disintegrating third-dimensional level of lack and limitation, the empty illusions that are coming up very empty indeed right now. Everyone will experience these two levels of reality, and we know that those without discernment and wisdom may fall into panic and feel that they are 'blocked' and are not moving forward.

"Beloved Ones, this time is given to you so that you may learn the skill of distinguishing what is real and what is truth for you, and what is empty illusion. When you can fluidly move from the empty and void energies of negativity and anger, and flow into the blessings of Abundant manifestation, you will have activated your abilities as a Master of Light in the New Earth."

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jacquelyn said...

while I was napping with my kitty, you were putting this together. The image was indeed a spectacular one for the blog. Beautiful.
I wish you could see the amazing tie dye T shirt with big red heart I am wearing fact, wore it all weekend. I found it at the now closed share it square cupboard on a street corner in my neighborhood as I left town last week. Allllllll this aquarian energy....whew, my head is pulsing as well as the red heart of my heart center. Mars is about to enter Aquarius....wheeee, up up up in our beautiful balloon.
way to go Amara.....heartfelt throbbing wildly bountiful birthday hugs to you. Love, Euphoria Goodapple