Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Menopause or Memorex?

When my wake-up call arrived in 1993/94, it felt for all the world as if I was entering menopause ~ even though I was only in my mid-30s at the time. I've written about my classic descent into and through multiple chemical sensitivity/chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia and a host of other labels. In 3D, it was certainly true that my body was ill and out of balance. However, on a meta-level, this was the catalyst that catapulted me out of my old life, which was quite complete, and into my planetary purpose and service. It was in this altered state of awareness that I began Learning to Live My Light.

Karen Bishop's latest Wings alert, The Separation of the Worlds, describes how and why the current ascension acceleration is affecting everyone as "menopausal" symptoms. Here's an excerpt from her highly informative message:

"Ascension has always mimicked menopause in both men and women of all ages. Thus, feelings of 'I have had enough,' or 'I am ready to be done!' or perhaps 'Is it time for me yet?' are very common as we have done so much to assist this planet since our arrival. Short tempers, memory loss, a need for self- care, and a desire to move on are simply a part of our spiritual evolutionary process at this current stage, even if these things do indeed mimic menopause.

"Feelings of tightness, pressure, and short fuses are also common symptoms as when we migrate higher, the energies become tight because anything that vibrates lower within us needs to be 'squeezed out' in order that we become aligned. We may feel as though there is now much more energy flowing within us, we may feel like we are hyperventilating, having pressure in the chest, perhaps feeling like we just got hit with a quadruple shot of caffeine, or may even have difficulty sleeping as so much energy is now flowing through us. In this way, 'alignments' do not always feel great. After the energies are squeezed out and adjustments are made, we always feel better…at least until our next phase of expansion! The higher the evolutionary space we occupy, the less lower vibrating energies there are present. This is because love is the ultimate energy that remains. Thus, we lose more and more of ourselves as things progress, resulting in a need to adjust or we become grossly uncomfortable.

"This latest move upward is no different. We are adjusting now in a great way in regard to boundaries and how we interact with the lower energies or lower dimensions. We are very far removed from them now, so in this way, they feel downright intolerable to be around. In addition, we are so done with them, that we can become exasperated and angry when they show up in our space."


Liberty said...


I'd love to read about your moving through and beyond MCS but I could not access the article you linked to. Is there another way to see it?

Thanks so much :)

☼ Charini ☼ said...

Thank you for this post! I am going through the same symptoms right now. Ascending, as it were. Love and Light, Vivi

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