Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Don't Quit Before the Miracle

This Prosperity Tip from money coach Joan Sotkin is so powerful I'm reprinting it in its entirety:

Don't Quit Before the Miracle

Last week, I received a desperate email from a Prosperity Tips subscriber who I'll call Sam. At his wit's end, Sam stated, "I am dead emotionally. and physically soon." He went on to say that he had no job and had no way to pay his bills. "Death is best," he said in closing.

I heard Sam's hopeless cries and knew I had to contact him. I googled his name and location, which was the only information I had, and thanks to his LinkedIn profile, discovered where he had last worked. They gave me his phone number and I left a message for Sam to call me.

He did call and we spoke for almost an hour. Sam had been out of work for 18 months, despite sending out dozens of resumes. With no good news, Sam spiraled into depression.

It took a while to help Sam see that he really did have options and opportunities for gratitude, and that what he was learning about himself during this troubled time was important. Finally, he laughed a bit and felt like he could face another day. He promised to call me the next day.

It was two days later when he called. "You won't believe what happened," he said. "I had an urge to send out one more resume and follow up with a phone call. And miracle of miracles I've landed the most perfect job that will start next month. And on top of that, someone else called with work for me in the fall."

Sam was elated. We talked some more and I helped him focus on what he had to do to prepare. Then I said, "I hope you've learned not to quit before the miracle." I heard this phrase when I was active in 12-Step programs and it served me well during times of struggle when it seemed like there was no way out of my difficult situations and ongoing physical challenges.

I believe that our times of struggle are our most precious learning opportunities. Somehow, these tough times force us to reach down inside and find the inner strength and power that allows us to rise above and draw in what we need to continue. Those who are willing to let go and find that strength survive and often prosper.

If you find yourself in a tough situation or seem to be fighting a losing battle against the prevailing forces, stop, breathe, and realize that your miracle could be right around the corner. Often the solution or resolution takes much longer than we think we can bear, and we think about giving up. Don't give up. Don't quit before the miracle!

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