Friday, July 24, 2009

Manifesting from the Heart

Aluna Joy's latest transmission contains some really uplifting wisdom about how we'll manifest now ~ I'm already seeing this "impulsive" M.O. bear fruit!

"... the way you manifest is also shifting. Elaborate plans for creating something in the future are more difficult to fulfill. Planning is a state of consciousness that lies in the future. The future is not in the NOW; therefore planning will become difficult. Remember, you are entering a state of oneness, and a completely present NOW. You are learning that intentions will manifest easily if they are done with an impulse or with inspired intuition. It will be more difficult to manifest with a mind. It will be easier to manifest with the heart. Bold gestures are going to become the norm! Expect that any plans you have made will morph and change out in front if you.

"The absolute success of your future is being built as we speak. This is very demanding, yet the most exciting part of building a new world. New roots are growing in the background, and you are being planted firmly in the next dimension. Growing a hearty root system is vitally important. Remember roots grow in the dark ... Be patient, and let your roots grow. Soon you will burst forth into the light of a new day, a new world, like a perfect flower reaching for the Sun.

"You are not alone in this process. There are millions of awakened beings in all walks of life, all across the earth, that will help morph this world into the vision of a new world which we all hold close to your hearts. You may not know who these lighted ones are, but we assure you they are in place, and ready to take action."


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Joanna Lindenbaum/Soulful Coaching for Busy Women said...

Great post! And I so agree with the fact that we are all doing this together - there is a tipping point that is happening in the world, and those of us that are conscious and ready to create change are activated!