Tuesday, July 07, 2009

In the World But Not Of It? Yee-Ha!

And here I thought I was continually smashing my foot or banging my hands because I was still learning to maneuver in my camper van ... seems I've only upped the ante; "clumsy" is the current catchword. Aluna Joy says we're clearly walking between the worlds now, not fully present in either one, so it's necessary to repeat steps or even start a process over again until we get past the backflow.

"This yo-yo energy does not stop us from creating, but we do have to focus more intently to get a job done. The Star Elders say 50% of our intentions right now are in the past and are difficult, but not impossible, to complete. It is important that you keep living and creating. Yet it is up to you to decide if you want to take an extra effort to manifest, or finish a project. You might just want to throw in the towel. The Star Elders also say that the other 50% of our intentions are being created out in the future somewhere. Because we are only 50% present in either world. Again, we have to focus intently to get these jobs done. We also have the option to let the intent or project go until the creative flow returns. Your intents which are based in the past will be increasingly harder to complete. Whereas your intents based on the future will become increasingly easier to manifest.

"Just to make things a little more confusing for you all . . . The Star Elders say there is no past . . . or future.

"There is another side effect from not being completely present in either world. We get clumsy. Have you been bumping into walls, stubbing your toe, bumping her head, and feeling generally wobbly and out of it? Yeah, this is part of this shifting also. Your body's equilibrium is working hard to adapt to the new world. Your internal gyroscope is re-orienting to the new world that is emerging. This is causing you to become ungrounded. This can also cause nausea and headaches. These symptoms have been going on for quite a few months but will begin to fade by the end of the year. The Star Elders say to be careful with your body right now, as we could be accident prone.

"In a nutshell: you are not losing IT … you are getting IT! But to get IT you will have to lose IT. So you see why we are feeling like Yo-Yo's."

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