Saturday, April 02, 2011


My April newsletter, Nuclear Family, focuses on how to create a "nuclear reaction" that heals all, using "nuclear" as metaphor. But I didn't consider the word "reactor" until I heard Caroline Casey discuss it on her Visionary Activist radio show this week, in which she reminded us that in lieu of being "reactive," we could seek solutions.

"Reactive" is one of those delightful words that lends itself to a subtle shift, like scared into sacred, density into destiny, nowhere to now here: simply by moving the "c", we morph reactive into creative — and we're able to "c" clearly!

One inspiring group of women who see clearly demonstrated with their very lives that love and connection supersede radiation. Known as the "babushkas," this determined group of elders, all past 70, chose soon after the Chernobyl disaster to return to Ground 0, despite warnings that the area was contaminated and permanently uninhabitable. They have survived and thrived in the "Exclusion Zone," eating contaminated food, breathing contaminated air and drinking poisoned water, for a quarter of a century.

On the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl, More magazine did a story about these plucky people who chose their Motherland over fear, proving by example that love can transmute toxins. (Intriguingly and presciently, the interviews were conducted last December, prior to the Japan 'quake/tsunami/reactor breach).

How can we each become a "nuclear creator," choosing from our very core to heal our individual and collective problems through Love? It adds a whole new dimension of meaning to "meltdown," in which we liquefy into the heart of Oneness.

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