Thursday, September 20, 2012

Equinox: A Time for Tree-umphant Attunement

Years ago, during my Inannic awakening, I threw my arms around trees and sobbed out my grief, feeling their loving embrace. I began talking to crows, paying tribute to their visceral wisdom in a poem that concluded, "A coded conversation/In guttural cries/Opens my eyes/And lifts me higher." I fell in love with the Moon. With my brain on an extended vacation I began to access a more primitive part of my being, to participate organically in the instinctual world, not merely watch.

Trees are our allies, anchors in stillness keeping silent council with their frenetic human brethren. Even their to-do lists are rooted in an ancient rhythm. ("Monday: 1. Photosynthesize. 2. Send stored water to branches. 3. Bud 17 new leaves.") We can emulate them by standing tall in our truth, becoming quiet, listening with our whole being, and swaying with the winds of change so we bend rather than break.

In this equinoctial moment, I invite you to take the tree-mendous opportunity to tree-umphantly attune to inner and outer balance along with our beloved planet. Mythologist Kathleen Jenks offers some lovely lore and poetry to assist in this endeavor on Myth*ing Links. And in the spiral of life, a poem I crafted 30 years ago interweaving human and bucolic love is appropriate now as well:

Our early love
was rosewood, aged guitar grain
your fingers fretting,
latticework of love.
tune me:
I am your instrument.

We grew to oak
limbs intertwined, minds
like grosgrain
honed to hickory.
breathe me:
I am evergreen.

We stroke the night
cocooned in crimson,
nestled in a hollow
of feeling.
whittle me:
I am the virgin bark of dawn.

Dearer By Day © Amara Rose 1982-2012


jacquelyn said...

BE You Tree Full!! Happy Autumn Equinox-

I am in the middle of Rose Labyrinth, my water heater is broken, my vanagain too.
The crows are eating all the pears and plums across the street....but the sun is shining.....

Amara Rose said...

Crow Medicine! Try communing with them, Jacquita. Have you ever read my poem, "Talking to Crows"? If not and you'd like to, please email directly and I'll send it :-)