Saturday, September 22, 2012

If It Ain't Necessarily Broke…

I always find it amusing how supposedly "inanimate" objects — notably my car — mirror what's happening in my life. We ARE all One, and that includes our machines, even if they don't appear sentient. The latest: I sprained my left ankle several weeks ago although I didn't recognize this at first, since I've never had a sprain before. I walked blithely around until I noticed it was swollen to the size of a baseball. Since then, I've been wrapping it in an Ace bandage each morning.

Last week I brought my trusty old Toyota (now 20!) in for an oil change. When I returned, the mechanic said, "Houston, we have a problem." It turns out the left front CV boot is leaking and needs to be replaced, something I've done several times before. The right boot is OK. It took me five days to connect the dots and smile. I suppose when I take my car in for the repair, the mechanic will "reboot" it? Too bad my own ankle can't mend quite so swiftly!

But what of symptoms that don't result from a hard fall (like my ankle) or old age and wear (like my car's CV boot)? If you're feeling unexplained and seemingly unexplainable symptoms, such as tingling or crawling sensations on your fingers, arms or legs (as I did in the early '90s), take heart: it may be part of the upgrade to 5D.

Daniel Jacob and The Reconnections say this is the nature of human transformation: "During these times of rapid change, more and more people find themselves dealing with neurological 'disease' states, such as pain, numbness, tingling, and the like. The Transformation of which we speak will often manifest itself as a series of small changes in nerve conduction and brain activity, which will seem (to some) like mishaps or mistakes of nature. 

"Whenever human progress is hindered, or physical limitation moves a person from one set of priorities to another, humanity feels driven to go and 'fix' the situation, as though something has gone wrong. There are no mistakes, in spite of how desperate conditions might appear in a given moment.

"The human body, as a vehicle, is programmed to FOCUS INTENTLY on a set number of persons, objects, and situations. Other sensory data, which generally flows all around you, is blocked from perception — filtered by what you think of as your 'five senses.' In order for you to allow in more data as it flows all around you, it is sometimes necessary to break apart some of your existing 'perceptual software,' so new software can be installed...
"What some might consider a trauma can also become a GRAND OPENING for parts of yourself which will guide you, and expand your Soul to new heights (and depths) as you begin to view things through new eyes and listen with new ears."

This is how it was for me. On one level, I was actually ill and needed to detoxify. Yet the detoxification process in 3D also served as a spiritual awakening, as I released crusty, toxic thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns that no longer served who I was becoming. I discuss this unfolding in depth in my signature story, Learning to Live My Light.

These are the days of miracles and wonder, as Paul Simon sang so presciently years ago. I just finished reading a novel called WWW: Wonder about how the world is changed and blessed by a consciousness that spontaneously arises from the infrastructure of the World Wide Web. It may not be so farfetched … after all, the web itself would have seemed fantastic sci-fi just a few short years before it was created.

So if you're experiencing odd tingles or similar symptoms, consider transmuting this disturbance into "tingly with anticipation." And while contacting a health practitioner is always prudent, your healing prescription may involve singing, dancing, and opening your heart to the improbable more than ever before… Blessed Be!

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