Saturday, September 08, 2012

Build Bridges, Not Malls

In the current issue of my newsletter, themed, "To Tell the Truth," I offer dance medicine in the form of ecstatic grooves for an awakening world by Om At Last, which includes powerful lyrics if you listen closely. I also rediscovered this wonderful world anthem, A House Divided, from 2006. Music, like art, is a cross-cultural bridge to unite us far beyond our superficial differences of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic level… If you think about it, these external challenges exist in order to allow us to go deeper, to cross the great divide into harmony.

I've just read a book that defies easy description as it demonstrates the shamanic essence of life, disguised as entertainment: The Death and Resurrection Show: From Shaman to Superstar. Our thirst for the paradigm-busting truth it contains is evidenced by the book's scarcity: it sells for a minimum of $122 on Amazon — and that's for a used copy. Clearly, we feel the call to Mystery, even as we seek to demystify daily life.

But too often, we get malled instead. That's not a typo, it's a sigh.

A month ago I blogged about the new shopping mall going up in a nearby town. Right now it's a swathe of dirt paralleling the highway, but the words that spring to mind are Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks." All the foliage has been desecrated in the name of profit.

Except they got the homonym wrong: it's prophet, as in augury, herald, divining a new world. We don't need more bling for the outside, but to let our radiance shine forth from the inside. This is how we build the bridge across forever, to the new human, the new world we're co-creating. The clarion call to awaken and step up to a higher Love is being answered around the planet; it's the most amazing time to be alive, to be witness and participant in the wonder of the shift.

While it's always fun to dress the part, express, not excess, is key. A new outfit to honor your Divine self? Sure! Another megamall to wander in soulless surrender while boosting the GNP? NOT!

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