Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Health Tips for Effortless Ascension

I've been waking famished beyond belief in recent days, wondering if I had parasites again (one symptom is constant hunger). I've also been tired and irritable, sometimes shivery, but chalked that up to travel, cold and wet weather, and loss of sleep.

Ha! Once again, it's only ascension. Karen Bishop restores my faith in the innate wisdom of my 3rd dimensional self as it shifts and stretches to accommodate the latest energetic download. She says, "Currently, many of us are feeling the 'dropping body density' phase.

"It involves strong cravings for protein with a need to eat frequently (for me, it is usually every two hours), as we are requiring an unusual amount of fuel for this 'restructuring' process. Feeling dizzy, weak and faint are signs that you are needing much more fuel than you normally would, and protein is the main staple that is required here.

"Fatigue can also play a part during this particular phase, and at times, this need for extra fuel and rest can last for many weeks. It just depends upon how far you have come with your own ascension process. The farther along you are, the less these 'shifts' will affect you, as you are much more in alignment with the higher dimensions.

"Helpful tips:

* As always, drink plenty of water and get IN the water (preferably salt water).
* Eat lots of protein, and eat many small meals throughout the day.
* Rest.
* Put yourself first, and know that the Universe will follow your lead.
* If you are feeling lost or confused, get involved with some mindless activities with others. Try and 'ignore' your process as it will continue whether you are involved or not.
* Spend time with the animals or our little ones. I played with some kittens the other day and it was glorious!
* Be out in the sun or lie on the ground. Heaven and Earth are great conduits for balancing, healing and rejuvenating."

Karen also echoes the wealth wisdom I've been sharing in my e-newsletter, What Shines, and in these postings, about how money is shifting to align with our emerging reality around receiving abundance for spiritual/evolutionary support:

"Know that much is arriving for us now. If you are experiencing a sudden drop in income, it is only because it gets much worse right before it gets incredibly better. This is the way energy works. We are moving from one way of being and from one money generating reality to another. We are just right now in between."

Read Karen's complete take on our ongoing process: What's Up On Planet Earth

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