Monday, May 30, 2005

Treading Lightly On The Balance Beam

Years ago, when I was training to be a speaker with Lee Glickstein, creator of Speaking Circles International, I remember he spoke of a painting on a colleague's office wall that he'd always admired from across the desk, which showed someone balancing on a tightrope. What incredible focus and skill, Lee thought. Much later, he had an opportunity to observe the painting close up, and was astonished at what he saw. The person was balancing not on a tightrope...but on a beam of light.

Lightworkers would do well to bear this teaching in mind in upcoming weeks, as we're being asked to help create balance and stability for the Earth and her evolving inhabitants as new energies continue to pour in. Archangel Michael asks us to "actively assist the process of transformation," as we move toward Summer Solstice. On June 21st and 22nd, there will be a powerful alignment of planetary energies in the solar system that will "create maximum disturbance and tension in the cosmic, solar and planetary fields." This will affect everyone's mental and emotional bodies.

The good news is that this moment also marks a turning point. Michael says, "This process began in 1998, when the first Crystal Children began to trigger the ascension process in those adults who were ready to form the first wave. That was seven years ago. There is another seven-year cycle to go before you reach the completion of this birthing cycle in 2012.

"Know, dearest ones, that this is a key moment, when you are asked to participate fully in the co-creation of the New Earth. And know too, that this is indeed a turning point. There are enough awakened and active first and second wave Lightworkers to make a real difference to the planet now, and in the years to come. Take your power and begin to be what you are: stewards of planetary peace and stability."

For the complete transmission, including instruction in how to best anchor your own awareness during this period, visit Starchild Ascension

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