Friday, May 13, 2005

Lights, Planets, Action!

It's time for a heavenly Harmonic Concordance redux. Mars and Uranus again dance together, stirring up a grand desire for freedom, movement, change. This juicy conversation begins on May 15th, one of many intriguing celestial conjunctions with Christian holy days taking place in 2005.

May 15th is Pentecost. This day, writes Johnny Mirehiel, commemorates "the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, symbolic of the Love of that Spirit. It was then that there appeared unto them 'cloven tongues as of fire' and they became different and Spirit infused people who had experienced a renewal of Faith. That this Pentecost coincides with an astrological alignment that has aspects to the Harmonic Concordance chart, which so closely mirrors its spiritual significance, seems very appropriate. For this is truly a moment in which we may choose to open to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to act on Its message and to do so as an expression of our Unconditional Love."

Read the full astrological overview, here: The Concordance Pentecost

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