Thursday, May 19, 2005

Using the Violet Flame for Your Growth

According to spiritual teacher Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, the Violet Flame of Transmutation has unlimited power to help us heal and transform ourselves and our world. Here are some invocations and a mantra you may find useful:


Through the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, now blazing in my heart, I invoke ALL of the Legions of Light throughout infinity who are associated with God’s Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation.

Blessed Ones, blaze the full momentum of the Sacred Violet Fire in, through and around every electron of precious Life energy I have ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown. Transmute these patterns of imperfection cause, core, effect, record and memory into God’s Harmony and Balance.

Beloved I AM, I invoke your Divine Intervention to blaze the Violet Flame through every thought, word, action or feeling I have ever expressed that reflects anything less than the Immaculate Concept of my full Divine Potential.

Look into my life and see what yet remains to be balanced by me to any person, place, condition or thing I may have wronged at any time, in any way, for any reason whatsoever.

Reach your great loving hands of Light into all of the good energy I have released throughout my Earthly sojourn, and draw forth a thousand times as much perfection as I have ever done wrong.

Fashion from this substance of perfection a Gift of Love, whatever is necessary to balance every debt I have created which still remains unpaid to any part of Life.

Beloved I AM, I ask you to forgive every person, place, condition or thing which may have wronged me in any way, and balance all debts owed to me by Life everywhere.

I accept this done through the Power of God I AM. And so it is.


[The following Violet Flame mantra can be repeated either aloud or in the
silence of our hearts as we go about the business of our daily lives.]

Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire
all causes and cores not of God’s desire.

I AM a Being of cause alone; that cause is
Love, the Sacred Tone.

You can read Patricia's latest update on The Violet Flame, here: Limitless Power of the Violet Flame

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