Thursday, September 08, 2005

Birthing Our Mega Beings

Soleira Green calls it "megamorphing." The UK-based lightworker, one of a growing number of us who has her consciousness on the pulse of human evolution, says, "Everything has been both speeding up and slowing down all at the same time." She recalled to mind a phrase that has been weaving through my awareness for years: "Time seems both elongated and compressed." I don't always know at the time what I know means--but I know that I know it!

Fortunately, guides such as Soleira can articulate the "what" clearly. She observes, "We're changing so fast that you just think you've got your head around the latest shift and whoosh, the next one swirls into play."

Intriguingly, given Hurricane Katrina's arrival, Soleira states that, "In the past 2-3 weeks, there's been a sense of being in the eye of a storm, with swirling, high vibrational energies pouring in and yet feeling like you're in the quiet centre just before something even bigger moves fully into play. You may have been experiencing some of the symptoms of this evolutionary movement over the past weeks ...

... sleeping in the middle of the afternoons, unable to keep your eyes open and your mind alert
... an increased sensitivity to, and a need to stay quiet and away from, the hubbub of 3D life
... losing your sense of self as a gracious (and sometimes not so gracious) surrender into becoming something entirely brand new

"Our abilities to see, sense, know and create are enhancing by the day. Our understanding of a new omni-dimensional reality is enriching by the moment. And our integration of high vibrational energy is becoming slightly more comfortable as we find our way in a new evolutionary paradigm of reality.

"What is this new being that we're morphing into? One that is ...

... connected with a totality of self, with others and with Life
... wise and knowing, integrating an expansive and vibrant living intelligence with fresh new wisdoms and 'whopper' knowing
... willing to live totally present in the NOW, surrendering all that has been in every moment
... dancing with potential, always willing to bring the greatest possibilities into play.

"We are moving from small human beings with problems to solve to vast, amazing beings with the capacity to act creatively and wisely for an expanding reality. Humanity is megamorphing, evolving beyond our current understanding of what's possible in such a short period of time. Everyone is being touched by this shift as we move into a pulsing, vibrant, creational reality. This new reality is already here. These shifts we're experiencing are simply opening us up to this new world that already exists all around us, one which we ourselves have been co-creating on all the greatest levels of ourselves.

"The implications this has for human beings is phenomenal ...

... the ability to consciously and wondrously co-create our new reality
... the sense of being connected to something far vaster than our individual selves, yet still being wonderfully unique in everything we do
... a willingness to step into a new kind of visionary leaderfulness with stewardship and partnership for the Earth, the cosmos and Life itself.

"Creative living is powering into reality as so many are looking for the key to rich, fulfilling living and being. The answer ... the key ... is to playfully surrender who you think you are and dive with gleeful abandon into this wondrous new becoming. The more of us that are willing to embrace and live this sourceful, new, creational beingness now, the sooner everyone gets to dance within its magical reality."

Exciting, isn't it? I've written often "holding the both/and," dancing into Divine newness. If you'd like to read an issue of my e-newsletter, What Shines, that speaks to our evolving reality, please e-mail me, and request WS #49. Blessings!

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